Full – Spectrum Healing on the Physical, Mental, and Spiritual  Planes

Deep within the central nervous system exists an intelligent life force that controls the functioning of the entire body and influences physical and emotional well-being. When the natural rhythm and flow of this life force is out of balance because of injury, illness, or emotional trauma, we experience physiological and mental conditions that limit our ability to lead happy, healthy, and productive lives. Traditional medicine and some alternative methods leave gaps in the healing process that do not address these imbalances, many of which are at the root of disease.

Blanca NoelI am a CranioSacral Therapist who “listens” to your body using a gentle touch in order to detect imbalances and blocks. Using the CranioSacral techniques along with other complementary therapeutic methods, I work with your body’s own intelligence to correct problem areas and restore well-being. The results can be dramatic for a wide range of physical and mental conditions for both adults and children.

The Soul Dialoguing Process

While CranioSacral therapy forms the foundation of my work, I have spent 45 years studying other alternative healing modalities including the use of healing stones, Tibetan bowls, and flower essences. I have incorporated the most effective of these techniques into my practice. Using my intuition to perceive energy disruptions and a careful blend of these therapies, I have helped hundreds of clients over a span of four decades.

After years of developing the Soul Dialoguing Process, I have created a training program, the Art of Soul Dialoguing in order to share these unique techniques with other healing professionals and those who want to use the methods for their own healing. Learn about the Art of Soul Dialoguing training…

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