About Blanca

Blanca-New-HeadshotBlanca Noel has been a healing arts practitioner for over 25 years. Calling on her broad educational background and her many years of experience, Blanca merges the ancient and the modern as well as the intuitive and scientific into her unique approach.

Blanca’s journey into holistic healing has been a transformational one throughout her life. A native of Bogotá, Colombia, Blanca experienced alternative methods of healing beginning in her childhood. She was brought up in an environment of compassion, harmony, love, spirituality, respect and service, and these values form the foundation of her practice today.

Having studied with master teachers, Blanca has developed a unique style in which she uses intuition to tap into the different planes and tapestries of energy which are fundamental to the healing process. At the core of Blanca’s work is CranioSacral Therapy. Blending the most effective alternative therapies with her CranioSacral work, she created Soul Dialoguing, her own unique methodology for healing. She now trains professionals and other interested in energy healing in her Art of Soul Dialoguing training program.

Blanca holds a B.A in Sociology from the University of Missouri and worked as a mental health counselor for a number of years. Having studied in both the United States and abroad, she brings the wisdom of both the East and West into her practice. Her studies include traditional subjects such as anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and psychology as well as alternative therapies including the use of healing stones, flower essences, and Tibetan healing bowls.

“I am committed to helping my clients regain their natural state
of optimum health. My mission is to clear the way so they can enjoy
the blissful state of well-being in body, mind, and spirit that is their birthright.”   –
  Blanca Noel

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