The Power of  Healing  Stones

The History of Stones for Healing

stones-framedStones have been used to promote healing for thousands of years by people on all continents in the world. They have unique qualities depending on their formation, type, crystal system, color, chemical composition, and mineral classification. Each type of stone has its own mythology ascribed to it by the cultures which used it. Some became the national stones of their regions because of their abundance, qualities, beauty, and healing characteristics. Others became the pride and joy of royalty, adorning the crowns of kings and queens and still others became the tools of shamans and healers of different nations.

Stones carry healing attributes that help at the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical levels, permeating the user with vibrations of joy, strength, self-confidence and well being. While stones can be used to alleviate many ailments and to facilitate the healing process, they should be used or worn in conjunction with conventional medicine.

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Different Stones for Different People and Conditions

Note: The use of healing stones is not a substitute for proper medical attention when necessary.

Stones on BodyEach stone resonates individually for each person. Ten people can hold a rose quartz, for example, but each of the ten people will get different information from the stone. The stone will bring the healing property that each individual needs to heal from injury in this lifetime or another lifetime. Each person will resonate in a healing form according to the traumas he or she has experienced. Rose quartz, for example, has a universal energy of love, but it will resonate differently depending on the love or attitude about in the person’s life. This stone can be helpful with the condition of envy which is lack of love or depression because of lack of self-love.

Colors by themselves are healing, and when we add the mineral properties of the different colored stones, we have a recipe for health. Here is another important aspect to remember: In our own bodies we carry all the colors, shapes and minerals of the stones. If you are lacking certain minerals in your body, you will be attracted to the stones that contain them.

After many years in the alternative health field, I rediscovered a lifelong passion for rocks and minerals, in particular healing stones. Today, in conjunction with my CranioSacral Therapy practice, I incorporate stones to help clear energy blockages present in the different diaphragms of the body. I select only high quality stones, revitalizing each one through specific spiritual methods learned in over 35 years rightlotusof study.

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